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A Deeper Look At The Pelican Wireless HVACSystem.

It has become evident that many people are geared towards improving their livelihoods by embracing device interconnectivity via the internet.

This has then shaped the demands of people into seeking devices that have good interconnectivity as their first preference.
One such system is the Pelican wireless system.
Increase your energy savings and enhance the satisfaction of your occupants by employing the use of the state of the art Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Energy Management System from Pelican Wireless Systems, a one of a kind system that gives you cloud-based reporting and management, so you can manage your building from wherever you are.

Remote climate control and touch-free programming is what you get from Pelican’s in-built web app that provides you with the ability to control your thermostat from wherever you may be, thus no needed physical presence in order to pre-set your building’s climate.

The company has the first web enabled economizer that can enable you to know when and how your entire system is working, and by using the pearl economizer, working economizers can save 25{6dea408b37198ddfef9e71eef77c2954485ee5a86eba307a02d26df650a73495} to 58{6dea408b37198ddfef9e71eef77c2954485ee5a86eba307a02d26df650a73495} on HVAC energy costs, a very luring figure for any cost-efficient mind.

Pelican makes it way simple for you to identify the real problem when a complaint or issue arises, since the real-time tracking system records everything your HVAC unit does during operation, whilst the zoning solution grants you central management alongside centralized data analysed over a historical trend.

The wireless thermostat is a masterpiece, as it allows you to regulate the temperature, Carbon (IV) Oxide and humidity of your rooms, all in different combinations, with the help of a temperature and alarm sensor, power control module and proximity sensor, all built for this purpose .

Amidst all this, the company insists that Pelican is not a WiFi thermostat since their solution is designed precisely for the demands of the commercial market while WiFi thermostats are designed for consumers to be used in their homes, thus differing with the ability of their system to deliver the highest level of security and network scalability in the industry.

The Self-healing Mesh Network made by Pelican is a bespoke feature that is secure, allowing you to attain control over your building, and all its thermostats without actually connecting and by the use of cheap infrastructure.

In matters statistics, Pelican Wireless is a leading Northern California manufacturer of Internet Enabled controls while the Pelican staff have a history of incubating and developing what is arguably the most advanced Internet and wireless technologies to markets around the world, a proud plus that the Pelican group celebrates.

Pelican, with no doubt, has everything you’re looking for in a system to monitor and manage your home, office or store all from the comfort of your phone or computer, remotely, safe and securely.

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