Important Information to Know about Septic Systems.

Septic Systems treat underground sewer water for reuse. The main purpose of these septic systems is to dispose wastewater on site from households. Septic systems are more cheap than the disposal systems which are found in rural.

A septic system is simple in design and this make them less expensive in installation and maintenance. The tank and disposal field are the main parts that a septic system has. Concrete is used to build the waterproof septic tank and the tank contains a pipe for letting in water and another for letting out water. The wastewater from home flows through the sewer pipe to the tank. A simple idea is used in this system. For some long enough time, the dirty water is stored in the septic tank which allows decantation to separate the solid from the water. A standard drainfield or disposal field is a series of trenches. These trenches are separated with coarse sand and gravel. It is made three feet deep from the surface. The trenches are distributed with water from drain pipes which contain holes.

The solids which then remain in the septic tank are pumped out. The tank is cleaned in a regular basis following some frequency which is controlled by some factors. The number of homestead members is the first factor. The volume of wastewater generated from the home. And the amount of solids available in the wastewater.Then the volume of waste solids in the water.

Pumping of some tanks may be after one or two years. Others can go for even ten to twenty years. Cleaning frequency depends of how fast the waste accumulates. An odor free tank is usually made of fiberglass or concrete. This can make it last for more than fifty years. Maintenance is not compulsory for a septic tank. When the rules are maintained then the functional life of the tank is protected.

Failure to the system is displayed by some signs. Here they are. The waste pipes for drainage from the house being poor. The wastes in the tank show whether the waste pipes are in good condition. Unworthy inlet and outlet pipes lead to failure of the system. leakage of the semi-decomposed wastes from the septic tank.

Taking care of the septic systems is possible through some ways.Always unpaved the surface that is above the system. There should be no obstructions to the surface. Planting of any kind of trees or shrubs is not allowed around the area. This is to avoid hindrance of evaporation and to provide space. Hard surface should not be used to cover the surface of the absorption area. It is advisable to use grass to prevent erosion and remove excess water. Surface runoff should be directed from the absorption field.

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