The incredible facility to online recharge has made the life of Vodafone user very easy as well as stress-free.  Today, you can access a number of platforms for making Vodafone online payment from the comfort of your home or to the office. However, pretty evidently some user falls as a victim of failure for transactions. When the word failure pop-up to your screen your heart starts beating in thinking why it happens suddenly? Not to worry it is not a big deal you can overcome this situation. Well, these failures may occur due to server down or may be from your sides. You have to be paid little attention while making online payment for Vodafone.

Vodafone does care about its user safety concern and make every possible effort to bring down the high level of convenience to its billions of subscriber, therefore, giving you the secured guidelines so that you don’t fall as a victim of online transaction. This techspirited post sheds light on such common mistakes that usually people make while online recharge.

  1. Using platform that is not authenticated– Sometimes people just use the site because they are saying the lucky winner will get BMW or like stuff. These are the promotional strategy to hunt the people. You have to beware of such site. The best option to not encounter as a victim is used reputed online wallets like paytm, freecharge, tez which is itself Vodafone suggested platforms. They give you the best deal for making Vodafone online payment and ensure 100% security to your transaction.
  2. Provide incorrect Vodafone number– Because you are in a hurry or might be repletion of any number or any reason you provide incorrect number can be a reason to cancel your transaction. Thus, you have to check whether you have mentioned the right Vodafone number or not.
  3. Provide wrong credit or debit card details– This can be one of the reasons for the failure of an online transaction. This can be easily avoided if you save the card details except for CVV with the portals (paytm, tez, freecharge) you opt.
  4. Enter wrong OTP– When you are about to proceed with the payment option a one-time password (OTP) will be sent to your number (which you have login) to check that the user is the right person or not. Make sure that the OTP you receive you have entered the right OTP as it is. For better result, you can take a screenshot of the OTP and then enter. There will be a reduced chance of committing any sort of mistakes.
  5. Enter the wrong password– If you enter the wrong password you get the notification that states ‘can’t precede the payment’. This is the alarming sign for you to check while making Vodafone online payment you has entered the wrong password of your credit card.

If proper care is taken to the execution of online payment, the transaction will definitely not fail and your Vodafone online payment will be successfully made at the first instance itself. Of course, prevention is better than cure, thus prevent yourself from committing above mistake and enjoy the tons of rewards in return.

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